Investor FAQ


Where is Sypris Solutions stock traded?

Sypris Solutions stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol SYPR.

Does Sypris Solutions have a calendar or fiscal year?

Sypris Solutions has a fiscal year which ends December 31.

Which research firms follow Sypris Solutions?

Please see the Sypris Solutions'  Analysts page for this information. 

Who should I contact to change the address on my stock certificate, transfer ownership of my stock or replace a lost certificate?

Please contact Sypris Solutions' transfer agent:

 P.O. Box 43078
 Providence, RI 02940
 Phone: (800) 622-6757 (US, Canada, Puerto Rico)
 Phone: (781) 575-4735 (non-US)


When is Sypris Solutions' annual meeting?

May 14, 2019.

How can I request investor information from Sypris Solutions?

Visit the Request Information page.

How do I buy Sypris Solutions stock?

You may buy Sypris Solutions stock through any licensed broker.

What is Sypris Solutions' cusip number?